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Ford Tri-Motor Project
circa 1930's aircraft and scenery

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Welcome to the Mike Stone's
   Flight Sim Aircraft Pages

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Mike Stone is a renowned Aircraft Model Developer with many years of experience in the development of some outstanding Flight Sim Aircraft Models for our flight sim enjoyment.

Mike is a Multiple Award winning developer and had achieved a great deal of recognition for the range and quality of his Aircraft Model development.

Aircraft models are specifically developed for Microsoft Flight Sim 2004.

Mike retired some time ago from the Aircraft Development arena and is no longer available for Consultation, Support, Requests or Modification of the existing models available from this site.  Mike is clear in his request that no further correspondence will be entered into in relation to his aircraft.

The models are very much "what you see is what you get"

Please, just enjoy these excellent FREE aircraft which represent thousands of hours of dedicated development by Mike and were given as FREE gifts to our simming community.

Mike has graciously granted me (Garry J. Smith)  the authority to gather all of his models and make them all independently available as a collected edition exclusively from this location (  

Please Note: There is some PHP script on the aircraft pages - this is a simple counter routine that increments the counters for each aircraft downloaded - increments  to an internal file with no external links to anywhere else.


All downloads from this site are zip files which can be unzipped directly into the
aircraft directory in your current Flight Sim directory: eg \flightsim2004\aircraft 

Changed all files to new Zip structure (
28 Feb 09) to simplify installation process and all files have been checked and some minor inconsistencies in livery names etc have been redressed.

Most  of these models are available from a plethora of other flight sim sites scattered over many years of development.  However, this is the only site authorized to distribute all from a consolidated location on the internet.


Sorry - Legal Stuff below........

Copyright Statements (click left link to get full details)

All downloads are available as FREE downloads for personal use -however they are not for redistribution via any other unapproved site or through any other media. 

Any modification or alterations to the aircraft files are not authorized nor approved other than for personal use by the Modifier.  If modified or altered versions are released via any media including web sites they are unauthorised releases and will be deemed as illegal and a breach of the author's EULA

These files are protected under the SELECTWARE  Licensing Agreement on behalf of Mike Stone as the Aircraft Developer and model owner.

This collection has 108 different models ranging from existing aircraft, historical aircraft, future aircraft and even some fanciful, imaginative designs and developments.

Copyright Statements
    Proudly brought to you by: for your flight sim enjoyment

Garry J. Smith is a member of
The Returned and Services League of Australia
Cardiff NSW Sub Branch.
20 years RAAF Service 1970-1990

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Ford Tri-Motor Project
circa 1930's aircraft and scenery

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Above organisations have supported us for many years and warrant our support

Milton Shupe and Team
award winning aircraft

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